Monthly Archives: July 2004

Cache, don’t download

A big +1 to Lucas; If there’s a song on the web with a URL, let it be itself. Don’t download and rename the song, because the minute you do that you break the single most useful thing about it: the URL. Download it, sure, but put the download where it belongs: in your web… Read More »

Jim Webber on REST pros and cons

A great one from Jim this morning, about how REST seems to be all the buzz in various distributed computing communities. I noticed that too; it’s very cool, and a long time coming. As for the cons, this one sentence of his seems to sum it up; Sure REST’s message-oriented approach is sensible, but it… Read More »

Identification specs; there can be only one

A good one from Sanjiva Weerawarana; For the success of the Web services platform, it is ABSOLUTELY critical that there be one and only one addressing/referenceing/whatchamacallit standard. Until we get there everything is and will be broken. I couldn’t agree more. Identification anybody? Sometimes I think Web services advocates are so close to understanding what… Read More »