According to Radovan anyhow 8-)

Everyone programs in something different, so let’s just do protocol-based integration, where we will just agree on the format of the messages we are going to exchange over the wire.

I think this is the thing some ‘REST fundamentalists’ are still missing…

No, I think we get that. Or at least we get that it’s a critical part of the solution. This is why HTTP 1.1 is as well specified as it is (not that it doesn’t have issues, of course). The problem is that the format is only one part of the solution. The other part are the semantics of the messages, something that HTTP also specifies, but SOAP doesn’t … not that it should though, as it can always inherit them from the underlying protocol.

Right from the spec, we have this example of an EPR;

<wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa="..." xmlns:fabrikam="...">



Somebody please tell me why on earth that isn’t a URI? You know, something like;


Note to self; avoid using an HTTP header named “Status” in Webware, since apparently it’s reserved for holding the in-memory equivalent of the response code.


What’s the best Python Web app framework, or should I just go back to Jython and javax.servlet?