Daily Archives: 2004/08/13

What REST fundamentalists are missing

According to Radovan anyhow 8-) Everyone programs in something different, so let’s just do protocol-based integration, where we will just agree on the format of the messages we are going to exchange over the wire. I think this is the thing some ‘REST fundamentalists’ are still missing… No, I think we get that. Or at… Read More »

An example of WS-Addressing silliness

Right from the spec, we have this example of an EPR; <wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa=”…” xmlns:fabrikam=”…”> <wsa:Address>http://www.fabrikam123.example/acct</wsa:Address> <wsa:ReferenceProperties> <fabrikam:CustomerKey>123456789</fabrikam:CustomerKey> </wsa:ReferenceProperties> <wsa:ReferenceParameters> <fabrikam:ShoppingCart>ABCDEFG</fabrikam:ShoppingCart> </wsa:ReferenceParameters> </wsa:EndpointReference> Somebody please tell me why on earth that isn’t a URI? You know, something like; http://www.fabrikam123.example/acct/123456789?ShoppingCart=ABCDEFG


Note to self; avoid using an HTTP header named “Status” in Webware, since apparently it’s reserved for holding the in-memory equivalent of the response code. Ack. What’s the best Python Web app framework, or should I just go back to Jython and javax.servlet?