Daily Archives: 2004/10/14

Spot the difference

What’s the difference between these two loosely coupled, distributed document exchange scenarios? Scenario 1; an agent sending a document to another agent for processing. Scenario 2; an agent invoking a “ProcessThisDocument” method, with the same document as in #1 as an argument, on another agent.

John McDowall on public/private interfaces

He writes; Perhaps REST versus WS is really about private and public interfaces. That’s exactly right, but exactly opposite of what he suggests; that SOA is better for public interfaces, while REST is better for private. REST’s uniform interface is superior for public interfaces because its semantics are, well, public. Each new interface that is… Read More »

Constraints; your best bud in design

I have the utmost respect for Don Box and his work, but I have to wonder whether he’s pulling my chain, or just honestly missing the point about the value of architectural constraints when he writes; BTW, while I do claim that you can solve the majority of the world’s problems using an arbitrary handful… Read More »

Bad start

Here’s a whopper of a bad start from the latest from Dave Orchard; We need another WS- spec […] Heh, ok, low blow, but seriously, I think we need another WS-spec like we need another Web. 8-) On to the beef … WS-MetadataExchange is a perfect example of a spec that could use WS-Get. WS-Mex… Read More »