Daily Archives: 2005/01/28

Evasive spam?

Is my spam filter on the fritz, or is anybody else seeing a whole lot more spam in their (filtered) inbox? I usually get 2 or 3 a day, but the few days I’ve received an average of about 25 a day.

Gudge responds to the wsa:To issue

Gudge graciously continues the discussion. Here’s my lengthy response that I spent far too much time writing, then rewriting… despite having two Monday deadlines! 8-O Regarding my concern that WS-A doesn’t require placing the destination address in, for example, the HTTP request line rather than the wsa:To header, he writes; I really don’t see how… Read More »

Google AdWords API beta

It goes live! It’s too bad it uses SOAP/WSDL rather than HTTP/XML or SOAP/HTTP, but hey, it’s some form of access to something that was previously unreachable (unlike their search APIs), so therefore a Good Thing. (link) [del.icio.us/distobj]

Stop the soap usage!

As seen on the www-ws list. No commentary required. 8-) I installed SOAP on my computer, but I now want to remove it. Please provide the mechanism in your software to allow the public to remove it and its pop-ups. I want my computer back when I make the decision. I have tried to remove… Read More »