Monthly Archives: June 2006

Getting SOA

Phil Wainewright gushes over Employease Extend;

This tells you that Employease has thought very carefully about granularity, and has exposed services based on whether they deliver complete results that will be useful to customers.

I don’t consider having separate services for “AddFoo” and “ChangeFoo” (where Foo = “CorpGroup”, “JobTitle”, etc..) to be a best practice. What about encapsulation? These two services will necessarily be tied at the hip because they use the same data, so why not make a single service out of them?

BTW, did you notice how their documentation uses links? This might help explain their inability to appreciate how the Web can be used to improve their SOA;

<a href="" onClick="'documentation/AddCorpGroup.html', [...]</a>


world wide web

Looks weird, doesn’t it?

According to Tony Byrne, that’s what at least one publication will be using from now on;

Forthwith, the following terms, “web, website, webcast, internet, intranet, the net” shall merit only lower-case treatment.

Now, english class was never a favourite (ahem), but I think I know what a Proper noun/name is, and by that measure, of that list above, “Web” and “Internet” are most definitely proper names and therefore warrant capitalization.

And why pick on the Web when there’s far better demotion fodder around?