The Web as an Exercise in Generalization

By | 2002/10/15

A message I sent to www-ws-arch this past summer seems to be making the rounds again. I don’t think I ever mentioned it in my weblog, so here ya go. Looks like it was mentioned on xml-dev, so perhaps that’s why. Er, and I forgot that I mentioned it in my “Playing Checkers with a Chess Set” blog too. Duh.

BTW, 10 kudos to whomever finds the “flaw” in the argument I made in that message. It’s not a fatal flaw, of course, but it does hilight the late binding issue, which I didn’t introduce in it (for fear of losing the simplicity of the point I was trying to make).

Update; the flaw is that when you get to the get/GET part, the message no longer means “get stock quote”, it just means “get a representation of what’s identified by this URI”. You find out if it’s a stock quote after you invoke GET. That’s late binding.

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