Monthly Archives: February 2003

Bosworth; The Next Inflection Point

Edwin Khodabakchian reports on an Adam Bosworth presention entitled The Next Inflection Point. Adam’s an extremely bright guy, and I’m fully expecting him to have a “REST epiphany” ahead of most others due to both the depth and bredth of his experiences. But while this is an extremely interesting presentation, there are some claims that… Read More »

Simon St. Laurent on Civility and Alienation

Simon responds to my comment about ERH’s message; Does that alienate people? Yes! It should. I’d love to get the Web Services folks to rethink their foundations. Failing that, making clear that there are serious points of friction seems like the best course of action – and being civil has little to contribute to that.… Read More »

XML Isn’t Just a Data Format?

Clemens Vasters writes; I am sorry to say that, but if today you still believe and insist that XML is just another data format, the train may already have left the station for you. Well, then I guess my train is long gone. Ouch. Sorry Clemens, but XML is just a data format. Now, good… Read More »

Elliotte Rusty Harold on Web Services

ERH writes (grr, no permalinks); It’s interesting that the Web Services community has managed to alienate three different communities for three different reasons that all derive from not understanding or accepting the basic principles of the technologies they’re building on. They’re either geniuses or idiots. My money’s on idiots, but time will tell. He’s certainly… Read More »