Simon responds to my comment about ERH’s message;

Does that alienate people? Yes! It should. I’d love to get the Web Services folks to rethink their foundations. Failing that, making clear that there are serious points of friction seems like the best course of action – and being civil has little to contribute to that. Forking is not a risk here – it’s an opportunity.

We’re in complete agreement about that. Where we may differ, is about the timing; I think the time for alienation has passed. I’ve personally been doing it for over three years now, and have alienated my fair share of bright and well respected people (which has come back to haunt me during my search for work, sigh .. but such is the price of grokking this stuff). I believe the time is right – or at least fast approaching – to take advantage of the increasing frustration being felt by some Web services developers who have realized that there may be something to this other way of doing things that they’ve heard about.

But, I could be wrong, which would be fine by me; it’s a lot less work to alienate. 8-)


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