Daily Archives: 2003/08/18


Kudos to Aaron; XML’s deterministic failure model is broken. I agree 100%. Another sacred cow bites the dust.

Self-description, redux

Kudos to Kendall Clark for stating XML is Not Self-Describing, as I did last month. He writes; Well, I’ve read too much Wittgenstein (not to mention too much Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, and Julian of Norwich) to think that a name is necessarily a self-description I haven’t read them at all (8-), but I think I… Read More »

Adam Bosworth is about to grok the Web

Adam Bosworth sort of lays out some requirements for a “Web services browser”. It’s really funny for me to read this, because I was struggling with exactly these same questions back in 1996 or so, coming from some seriously hard-core CORBA work, but while also being a big fan of what we called the “Universal… Read More »