I’ve recently been coming up to speed on the whole Zeroconf space. Boy, what a mess.

Earlier this summer it seems, the WG decided to go with a Microsoft lead approach to multicast name resolution, called LLMNR. This was in constrast to Apple’s similar and existing work on Rendezvous, which they published in both spec and code form.

So rather than start from a solution that works, with multiple independent open source implementations available, they’re starting from scratch with something new and unproven? Brilliant!

Oh, and there’s also the issue that the applications area seems to be sitting on their duffs over the kind of transparency that LLMNR is forcing upon them by hiding the fact that the name resolution was performed via local multicast rather than via DNS-proper. Keith Moore seems to be the only well known “apps” person raising any objections.

Update; Stuart Cheshire, main Apple guy on this stuff, just posted his review of the last call working draft of LLMNR last night. Read it for yourself.


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