This is goodness, though I’m embarassed that it took me so long to get plugged into; I’m too many degrees of separation away from some communities that are important to my work. Time to update my weblog subscriptions.

Here’s what’s been said the past week;

Phil’s done his homework on his “See also” links there; it’s a nice collection of snippets from the past couple of years, several of them mine. I’d also recommend a presentation I gave last year to the Web Services Architecture WG titled “REST Compared”, where I present a simple example of a REST vs. Tuple space based solution to the pervasive problem of turning lights on and off.

I also like what Vanessa did there, and I think that for anybody currently into tuple spaces hardcore, that following through her outline of one possible integration of REST & tuple spaces would be very informative about how the Web relates to their work.

Patrick seems stuck with how to reconcile his position that generic abstractions are a good thing, but that systems should be built independent of the protocol. Note to Patrick; this is all well and good for transport protocols, but application protocols define the abstraction; for them, protocol independence requires that you disregard that abstraction.

What I like most about this meme is primarily that it implicitly eradicates the myth that the Web and/or REST is just for humans. Even if you don’t know – or want to know – about tuple spaces, it should hopefully pique your interest that a bunch of bright folk in the large scale distributed software composition space – where there’s no humans in the loop – are looking at REST.


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