Another stab at reinventing the Web

By | 2004/01/20

I’m sure I sound like a broken record (there’s another case too, but I can’t find it, doh) on this subject, but another group has just taken a stab at reinventing substantial portions of the Web (poorly). This time, it’s presented as a Web-services-meets-the-Grid solution, and ironically, I think they nail the basics of a means to unify those two architectures; with a resource model. But, the reinvention part, is that the Web already has a perfectly good resource model.

Where their resource model breaks down, is that they feel the need to associate a specific interface with it. It’s a resource, why not define an interface for a resource? Let’s see, resources only have identity, state, and behaviour, so the semantics would have to operate on this; things like “serialize your state” (GET), “change your state to this” (PUT), etc..

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