Ah, that’s better.

My poor little P133 Redhat 6.2 box gave up the ghost on Friday, after about 9 years of faithful service. It had been tempermental for a couple of years, but not so much so that I had to consider replacing it. Its original replacement as my desktop machine a few years ago – a smokin’ 128 (count ’em!) megabyte PII-400 – once again performs replacement duties.

I also took the opportunity to switch distributions. I started out with Yggdrasil back in 1994 (IIRC), switched to Redhat in ’97, and now have gone with Debian after a lot of other developer types recommended it.

Except for some really odd behaviour with a bad bash, and some corrupted binaries (a bad /bin/mount makes rebooting kinda hard) which required a re-install, it’s looking nice. apt is sweet, and it makes me wonder why I ever felt the need to fork over money for rhn.


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