Via Savas, a pointer to a paper by Jeff Schneider titled The World Wide Grid. It includes some incorrect assumptions about the Web that I’d like to address. Luckily, they’re summed up in this statement;

The focus for the web was to describe pages that could be linked together and read by people.

Bzzt. Can this be read by people? Nope.

The same mechanisms used to permit a browser to pull in HTML from any HTML-serving site around the world, can also be used to enable an automaton to pull in any kind of data from anywhere around the world (namely, GET + URIs). You are using data, right? 8-)

Even if you accept that all of these different approaches (Grid, WS, Web) are workable solutions to the over-the-Internet application-to-application integration problem, do you really want to bet against the world’s most successful distributed application?


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