Jim Webber posted a picture in an earlier blog entry that I’ve tweaked to reflect my views of large scale software architectural evolution (or lack thereof 8-) over the the past 10 or so years.

The differences with Jim’s can be explained thusly;

  • Though REST wasn’t published until 2000, the major architectural work behind the Web, as I understand it (can’t find the message from Roy where I thought I recalled him saying this), was basically wrapped up in 1993
  • I consider document based RPC – i.e. same semantics as RPC, only without the operation in the message – to be worse than RPC
  • As much as I prefer “processMessage” to what most people know “SOA” to be, I still consider it inferior to REST, since it’s missing an application model (REST has hypermedia), as well as layering (or perhaps I just need a more detailed breakdown of the constraints of a processMessage-oriented architecture)
  • The Semantic Web and ARRESTED are extensions built upon the Web and REST. I believe that these will be the future of loosely coupled, document oriented services offered and integrated over the Internet

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