Monthly Archives: October 2004

WS-Management (PDF)

Hey look, a WS-spec built largely upon a state transfer based architecture. Who knew? *groan* (link) []

Architectural consistency

IMO, before any new WG is chartered at the W3C, the objective of that WG should be validated for architectural consistency with the Web (you know, the thing it’s trying to lead to its full potential?). Here we have a WG whose primary objective is to produce a spec which will, prima facie based upon… Read More »

Grand Central goes for the gusto

A couple of interesting developments out of Grand Central. These guys have got it going on. Their network is largely state transfer based; not REST, but not far from it either, and “like it” in the right way. At least they’ve (mostly) got past the API-centric view of the world espoused by Web services proponents… Read More »


An HTTP proxy that determines when I’m POSTing weblog comments (or other things, for that matter), and provides an RSS feed for them. References; Personal Servers HEP KeepPOSTRecords