EPR/URI warnings

By | 2004/11/04

David asks;

I always appreciate it when Mark mentions me, but I’m not sure what warnings I’m heeding.

I meant those I mentioned in a my heads up to the TAG. Which, FWIW, discusses (sort-of) value in an epr URI scheme; a potential answer to your “Others?” question about how the EPR/URI mapping could occur.

He adds;

Akin a legal opening argument, I intend to show that an XML based identifier systems in addition to URIs has potential upsides. These upsides will be defined in terms of the REST thesis properties.

That’ll be interesting, but keep in mind that IMO, most of the arguments against EPRs are not REST based arguments, since REST doesn’t mandate URIs. In fact, one could devise a perfectly RESTful architecture that used EPRs. No, the arguments against EPRs are the practical ones; how do you expect to deploy such a system when such a massively deployed and successful alternative – and one that could be reused – is available. I’m not sure Web service proponents really appreciate what a MASSIVE uphill battle that is. I can’t fathom an advantage that EPRs would have over URIs that would make it worthwhile.

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