Daily Archives: 2005/01/25

(not so) Grand challenges

I love stuff like this; a list of grand challenges for IT in the next 20 years. Too bad some reward money wasn’t allocated! 8-) Here’s one up my alley; Scalable ubiquitous computing systems: Not only do we want our devices to interact predictably and reliably, we also want them to interact with every other… Read More »

XMLP WG done?

With the publication of this trio of specs, I expect the WG is now finished. Phew! Pay close attention to their work, in particular SOAP, MTOM, and XOP (RRSHB can safely be ignored). If anything remains of Web services in five years, this’ll be it.

Don Box: MTOM/XOP/RRSHB are finished

“David Fallside rocks.”. Amen to that. He was supposed to leave the WG in 2002 IIRC, yet stuck it out for the 4+ years. He’s the Steven Pemberton of XML messaging. 8-) (link) [del.icio.us/distobj]

Gudge chimes in

Gudge chimes in on the WS-A issue; The WS-Addressing spec doesn’t say that you *can’t* put the content of wsa:Address into ‘the “RCPT TO” command on the SMTP protocol’. It just says you MUST put it into the wsa:To SOAP header. I wonder why Mark thought the two were mutually exclusive… I can understand the… Read More »

MoCo Loco: Spacebox

I saw these things – or something just like them – in Dusseldorf. Too bad I was in a taxi so didn’t have time to snap a picture. Funky! (link) [del.icio.us/distobj]

Steve Maine on the new TAG issue

Steve takes issue with the issue. 8-) He starts with a paragraph which very accurately summarizes the issue, and then goes on to explain why he believes that it would be a mistake for the TAG to “make a short-sighted decision in the direction that Mark is proposing”. First though, a quick response to that… Read More »