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Too busy

I wish I had the time to comment in detail on all the recent goings-on viz a viz SOAP/SOA-vs-REST, but alas, I don’t (in fact, you probably won’t be hearing very much from me until the summer). I do wish though – and this comment is directed at both sides of the debate – that… Read More »

We don’t need no stinkin’ 404s

Spotted over in service-orientated-architecture , from Jeff Schneider; Personally, I believe that inter-enterprise service catalog has been the biggest single failure of Web services. Not too long ago, I dumped the data from the UBR and wrote a program to test all of the services, 92% of all entries were fake or broken. Quintessential eh?… Read More »

Mappr! Where It’s At.

Another gorgeous Web app. This one aggregates Flickr data via their REST API. Take note Web services proponents; the future of large sclae, distributed, compositional computing is happening right under your noses. (link) []

SOAP backlash

Via Tim, a great post from James Governor, a founder of analyst firm Redmonk, who’s apparently not afraid to call a spade a spade. Good on him. Whats a web service? Still a great question. But anyone that defines a Web Service using SOAP in the definition is missing out on where the action is.… Read More »

The sad state of SOAP interoperability

As relayed by Nelson Minar, author of two of the Google APIs; From my experience nothing interoperates well, even in the basic SOAP stack. rpc/encoded used to work OK, within its limitations but now that’s deprecated it’s not a realistic option for new services. So you’re stuck with document/literal where practice isn’t great. And remember,… Read More »

WWW2005 Program

… has been posted. In addition to my DevDay co-chairing duties, I’ll be part of a panel called – at least for now – “Web services considered harmful?” 8-). You’ll recognize all the participants, but I won’t name any yet since I’m not sure who’s confirmed. Rohit Khare will be moderating.

Geek dinner with Tauber

James writes; If you’re in Boston and interested in meeting up, let me know! I’ll be seeing far too much of Boston over the next three weeks. I’ll be there on the 17th and 18th (departing on the evening of the 18th), as well as 27th through March 2nd (departing afternoon of the 3rd). I’m… Read More »