SOAP backlash

By | 2005/02/14

Via Tim, a great post from James Governor, a founder of analyst firm Redmonk, who’s apparently not afraid to call a spade a spade. Good on him.

Whats a web service? Still a great question. But anyone that defines a Web Service using SOAP in the definition is missing out on where the action is. Distinctions between enterprise and “consumer” are breaking down. REST is evidently where that convergence is being played out, not WS-I.

Even more interesting is that Joe McKendrick at ZDNet picked it up.

Again, it’s a shame SOAP is getting caught up in this backlash, since it’s not the spec that’s the problem, it’s how people are (mis)using it. Oh well, it’s not like that’s much of a surprise 8-) 8-(

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