Know your place

By | 2005/03/11

Chris points to, and agrees with, some words from my old dist-obj buddy Stu Charlton. Those words include this snippet;

There are numerous SOAP successes today that are invisible to the blogosphere, because their inside corporations. Millions, if not billions of dollars of transactions run through SOAP at this very moment.

I’m confident that’s true.

But correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the objective of “Web services” to build a universal, Internet (inter-corporate) scale, application-to-application integration platform? If so, then what exactly does pointing out that it’s primarily used for intra-corporate integration demonstrate?

My point has always been that Web services are unsuitable for Internet scale integration, and Stu’s observation just reinforces this for me (not that it needed reinforcing, of course 8-).

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