Monthly Archives: April 2005

DaveO on leaky protocol abstractions

Another gem from Dave; This is the main thesis of this article, that the application layer modeling is affected by the underlying protocol. Absolutely. I think the leaks that Dave so accurately describes there, is, largely, his fault (but a Very Good Thing! 8-). He has tried to respect the architecture of the Web in… Read More »


Can you think of a cuter way to present a reported breakthrough in storage density improvement? Hmm, that first character reminds me of somebody… Who could it be? Ah, right; Bill.

Google Maps does satellite

This is too cool. Here’s Casa Baker. There’s old City Hall in the lower left, Rideau Falls near it, the French Embassy just past the falls, then the big man himself. Just to the right of us on the map, is the Governor General. Notice too, that you can get driving directions overlayed on the… Read More »

Understanding the Basic B2B Profile

“One of the complaints that has been raised by some with regards to the WS-I Basic Profile is that it doesn’t go far enough in reducing choice”. ROTFL! Seriously, that’s funny, ironic stuff. 8-) (link) []

DOA 2005 CFP

I’m on the PC for the Distributed Objects and Applications conference again this year. I haven’t yet been able to attend (I don’t really “do” conferences anyhow – I prefer to spend my “soft time” doing standards instead 8-), but IIRC, the papers from the last one were pretty interesting. But then, I’m the guy… Read More »