Via Tim, a thorougly interesting piece from Benjamin Carlyle on REST and Object Orientation.

If you’ve ever emailed me, you know my address is “”, where “distobj” is, of course, short for “distributed object”. So I think it’s fair to say that I’ve given this particular relationship a whole lot of brain-time over the past several years (nine, in fact). I agree with Ben’s presumed hypothesis that there’s a deep relationship here, and he comes very close to nailing it, but falls just short, IMO.

Where I think things go wrong is when he talks about Java Beans;

The real meat in my pie is the use of properties, or as I would call them: Resources.

Nope, properties are properties, resources are the Beans themselves. Imagine a “Person” Bean which might expose the properties; name, birth date, birth city. Now imagine that Bean as a resource, with its own http URI; invoke GET on it and you receive, say, an XML document like this;

  <name>Mark Smith</name>

So the properties of a Bean represent (at least some of) the state of the Bean, and therefore are returned together in a request for a representation of its state, i.e. GET.

Distributed objects are dead! Long live distributed objects!


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