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So I guess there was a minor hulabaloo over Dare’s piece on his preference for SOAP over REST. From what I can tell though, all he’s saying is that SOA/SOAP is a better fit for his mental model of how distributed systems work. That’s fine. It was mine too, long ago, when I used to hack CORBA ORBs. Then I realized that the Web was a superior platform for large scale integration with documents, which forced me to change my mental model, since obviously one should endeavour to have their mental model match the superior style (at least if one cares about their careers 8-). As Dare concludes;

My point from yesterday was that as far as approaches go, I prefer to think of building distributed applications from a service oriented perspective than from a REST perspective. This is completely different from endorsing SOAP over using POX/HTTP as the technology for building distributed applications. That is a discussion for another day.

Looking forward to it, Dare.


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