Daily Archives: 2005/10/03

The New Application Server [@lesscode.org]

I’ve maintained for many years that “application servers” aren’t necessary. So I don’t think AJAX is needed for this to happen, but if it helps folks see the light, great. (link) [del.icio.us/distobj]

Udell on CORBA, Web services

But arguably the only real difference between CORBA and Web services is that, this time around, the superplatform vendors are in somewhat better agreement on where they’ll commoditize, compete, and interoperate. Excellent point! If only it mattered. As difficult as it might be to understand, CORBA failed primarily for technical reasons (sorry, Steve 8-). Web… Read More »

What would you dispose of?

I loved this bit from Schwartz’s latest; Or finally, as I did last week at a keynote, ask the audience which they’d rather give up – their browser, or all the rest of their desktop apps. (Unanimously, they’d all give up the latter without a blink.) No surprise there, except perhaps to Microsoft (though I’ll… Read More »