Monthly Archives: October 2005

Documents; throw ’em over the wall

A good comment from Chui Tey over in Steve’s comments. Interfaces defining many kinds of messages imposes unncessary [sic] coupling, when what is required is for documents to be thrown over the other side of the wall, leaving the other party to decide what order to parse and process the document. So in the spirit… Read More »

Death by indecision

Dave Orchard posted a pretty well argued treatise on what is, essentially, a defense of the right for Web services to not adopt the stateless interaction and more importantly, the resource identification constraints which are so important to the Web. As I explained in my response, if Dave was arguing that Joe Architect should have… Read More »

XML-RPC seven years later

Dave points to his original piece on XML-RPC back in 1998. Item number 30 includes some, erm, interesting claims; But RPC is important, no matter what format is used, because it allows choices In allows choices by rejecting an architectural constraint which has been the foundational constraint of large scale, loosely coupled, distributed systems, since… Read More »

Gosling on SOA

Not that I agree with everything James has to say about SOA, but he makes a good point about a couple of techniques/constraints commonly used in large scale systems; Statelessness and idempotence are techniques that have been around for years (both appear, for example, in the design of NFS from 20 years ago) are usually… Read More »