Monthly Archives: October 2005

Clemens Vasters, Web-head

Via Jef Newsom, Clemens Vasters describes his current, very cool project. He writes; In fact, the entire server will likely not put a single plain-text, XML 1.0 encoded SOAP envelope onto the wire, but will be rather REST-ish and POX-ish. Who knew?! 8-)

Better is best

Compare and contrast; His taste in design was by and large extraordinary. And yet he did it in a way that you were only barely conscious that he was nudging you toward better design. (Vint Cerf on Jon Postel)


Dave reminds us that Jon Postel died seven years ago today. Wow, seven. Update; the anniversary of his death was the 16th. I attended Jon’s last IETF meeting, in Chicago, and I’ll never forget the plenary discussion where the hot topic was Jon’s position as Director of IANA (this was back when it mattered –… Read More »


The aforementioned Chui Tey has a weblog. Seems like a bright guy, doing cool stuff. Subscribed! (link) []

Wrong number

Two back-to-back messages received on a popular mailing list; Hi Everyone, I am new and haven’t done soaps yet. Will be doing first cp this weekend. My question is this can I use those rubbermaid plastic containers they sell everywhere for cp soaps and do I have to line it with something if I do… Read More »