Wrong number

By | 2005/10/19

Two back-to-back messages received on a popular mailing list;

Hi Everyone, I am new and haven’t done soaps yet. Will be doing first cp this weekend. My question is this can I use those rubbermaid plastic containers they sell everywhere for cp soaps and do I have to line it with something if I do use it? Also I bought some cultured buttermilk blend in the baking section of food store. Can I use this along with or make own recipe. Also getting lard is very hard here in Baltimore as they don’t seem to have it anymore. I don’t want to use talon but would prefer lard. Does anyone know where I could get it without going to a pig farm. thanks, Karen in BMore

Followed three minutes later by this;

Hi, I am sorry that this maybe a group that doesn’t make soaps. If it is I am sorry because my questions were in reference to making soaps. Thanks anyway. Karen in BMore

The mailing list? You guessed it, soapbuilders. 8-)

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