A bold statement from Ian Davis on his piece called “SOAP Destined to A Life of Obscurity“. He declares his suspicion that;

[…] SOAP is finally being sidelined into a niche activity.

I think that’s slowly being realized by more and more people. It’s just never fast enough for me. 8-) As I mentioned in the Q&A after my panel session at WWW2005, in response to a question about what would happen to SOAP, I observed that CORBA/OMA is still under development in the OMG right now… but who knew or cared?

And to anticipate Steve‘s reaction 8-), I’m sure what’s going on with CORBA/OMA at the OMG is very important to some folks like banks, telcom, and other LargeCos – as it has been for ages now. But that is most definitely a niche.


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