“While HTML and HTTP have provided consistent standardization for human to computer interaction[…]” #!@%$! HTTP is a standard protocol for the exchange of data and documents. Any data or documents, effectively. Yes, even machine processable ones.
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XAML for “workflow”? Is this what it sounds like; a hypermedia replacement for BPEL? (oh, and REST-based service support too, *ding*)
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Nicely said, David;

First and foremost, a loosely coupled architecture allows you to replace components, or change components, without having to make reflective changes to other components in the architecture/systems. This means businesses can change their business systems as needed, with much more agility than if the architecture/systems was more tightly coupled.

Can your SOA do this?

On the Web, it’s a breeze. In fact, you get it for free.

Embrace loose coupling. Embrace the Web.

Wow, that’s pretty complex coding for such a simple task, no? I’d opt for java.net (bugs, quirks, and all), or other Java client HTTP APIs (the two HTTPClient projects come to mind).
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