Google Account Authentication

By | 2006/07/01
“AuthSubRequest is called as a URL; make a request to: with the following query parameters”. Sigh.
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  1. Dan Hatfield

    So, I’m really glad the comments are here b/c sometimes I’m not quite sure what the *sigh* is about….
    This seems sorta restful to me…I mean I can think of worse ways. :)
    But I’m guessing you see a flaw? Care to elaborate?

  2. distobj

    Yah, the interface doesn’t give me much room to elaborate. I was hoping regular readers would figure it out.

    It’s using the old anti-pattern of putting the operation in the URI, combined with the use of GET to change state.

  3. Dan Hatfield

    I should have….I was having a brain-dead moment.
    This seems a little unusual from a “change of state” perspective though…because it essentially reverts itself after the session expires.
    I guess the argument is that HTTP POST or PUT should be used for any change of state regardless of whether or not it is a “temporary” one.

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