Tech Crunch reports on a cool new service from Meebo, called Meebo Me, which allows people to embed a (flash) app in their pages which permits a one-on-one dialog with the owner of the page via Meebo. Neat-o. I thought I saw something like this a while ago, but whatever… It was a snap to setup, so that’s what I did as you can see on the sidebar (if you’re at my page). Hmm, would the universe explode if I included the app in my feed? 8-).

I’m already seeing a bunch of “meeboguest” users appear and disappear in my meebo window (hmm, it’s a good thing I’m not an A-lister!), presumably as folks visit my page then close their browser window. It also appears that I don’t have to wait for them to contact me – that I can, at my own discretion, send a message to them.

It seems that this Web thing will never grow old.

Update; I suppose a downside to incoming messages is that they’re anonymized by default and therefore only usable in the context of that session. So if you leave me a message, I can’t get back to you if you close your browser window … unless you de-anonymize yourself by setting a meebo username.


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