When I first started using GMail 2 1/2 years ago, I used to get perhaps 1 or 2% spam. When I checked my email this morning, it was 85% spam (104 of 122).

Google hasn’t been keeping up with the spammers, so I should probably consider reinstituting my own de-spamming filter. What’s the state of the art nowadays?


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  1. Tuffmail.com — seriously. It’s cheap, secure and has great spam control.

  2. Thanks Mark. You reminded me that I hadn’t tried the ACM spam filter, host of my primary email address. I’ve had it enabled for a few weeks now, and I’m down to about 10% spam now. Of course, since GMail doesn’t fully masquerade my GMail address, most of the spam that’s getting through is addressed to it directly, bypassing the ACM filter. Blah.

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