• “After two years of research, comparative tastings, and evaluation of prototype glasses, Oregon winemakers and Georg Riedel have arrived at a new shape of wine glass designed especially for Oregon Pinot noir.” Insane!

I thought I’d do what little I could to help find Jim Gray by looking through some satellite pictures for Tenacious, Jim’s boat.

Dang, that’s not easy. Here’s a typical image that I was presented;

Sample satellite image used in the hunt for Jim Gray

I did a dozen or so of them, and only a couple were a clear “No” (no ship or ship-debris-like object present). Two or three more were so noisy as to make the job impossible, so I “returned” them. The others involved more time than you’d expect, and a lot of squinting.

A technique that I found useful was to tilt my laptop display backwards which seemed to perform a low-pass filter of sorts, reducing noise and making it easier to identify objects. Maybe that would work for you too. My display is TFT.

It’s a tough job, but I’m happy to help.

Update; the images are a lot clearer today. I’m zipping through them.