I’m with Stefan. Steve Vinoski’s always been somebody you want to listen very carefully to regarding distributed computing and enterprise integration, but even more so now that he’s left the employ of a company with skin in that game. That message isn’t entirely new, it’s just more obviously the message 8-)


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  1. […] Mark says what I’m recommending isn’t entirely new. And you know what: he’s exactly right! What might be interesting, though, is why he’s right. I pushed these ideas surrounding REST and dynamic languages for a number of years in my former position before finally leaving that position, partly because those ideas were not getting the level of attention I felt they deserved. So yes, the ideas are certainly nothing new today, but they were reasonably new back then. […]

  2. […] post (and followup) by Steve Vinoski, spawning lots of other discussions.  I should be surprised by some of the comments but… I’m not – I […]

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