I remember being a bit of a smart-ass nerd in high school, and taking pleasure in deriving novel insults my friends and I could deliver at the stoner-types, or anybody who else who crossed paths with us. The more difficult it was for them to understand why it was an insult, the better. So when I came up with “Your family tree has cycles”, I was one happy geek.

Little did I know at the time though, that my own family tree had a cycle. It turns out that my paternal Grandfather’s paternal great-Aunt, was my paternal Grandmother’s sister’s-in-law’s great Grandmother. My Dad’s cousin, who discovered the cycle this past weekend, doesn’t think the family knew about it. I believe the circumference of that cycle is seven.

Anybody else got any cycles they’d like to share? Note; if the circumference of your cycles are less than five, you might want to keep those to yourself 8-)


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