cyber security Having your network hacked can put you out of business. However remote peering allows a business to access internet exchange points worldwide, providing higher bandwidth options as well as delivering faster network speeds, greater security and lower latency. That’s why security projects and this blog are being established. We urge everyone who reads this post to help us make this happen. All we ask is that you help us “use our tools”. Please help us by helping us to spread the word about this online data breach in order to get the word out to the public. The longer we can stay “out in the dark” and in the shadows, the more of a real threat this is, so using measures as VPN can be helpful, and you can find out the VPN meaning online here. You may also visit sites like for additional security and protection. If you know of any other cyber security stories that you feel should be highlighted on this blog please email me at: Noticing some strange things in this email? You should receive a follow up from my regular email, so be sure to check it out, often times I’ll try to get you involved in some way. And, if you’re into why I’ve been active with this blog over the years, here’s an article about this blog I wrote for PC Magazine. This article was written back in 2004, but I feel it still holds true today. As always, thanks for reading, we appreciate the support. If you’re interested in more about this cyber security project, you can visit the site at: I’ve got a few updates on this website! The pages that you see below have been updated. For those of you who are interested in downloading my latest study for a good cause, here’s where you can buy it: I’ve recently been on a global speaking tour, giving my thoughts on your day to day transactions with me and fellow cyber security expert Charlie Miller. As I am doing these presentations, I will have the links to purchase my study for you at the bottom of my slides. Click here for the list of my selected areas. Here’s a summary of the information presented in each portion of my presentation: 3 Ways to Prevent and Repair Computer Disasters My predictions for the 21st century and 21st century cyber security Cyber Security Myth Busting Part 1 What Really Happens? Cyber Security Myth Busting Part 2 Bad or Broken? Cyber Security Myth Busting Part 3 How do We Get It Right? Security Analysis the tools that keep my fellow security analysts up at night We have an amazing client whose operation is as critical as the country’s $2.3 trillion GDP. The nation will be destroyed if we don’t track down the culprits and shut the malicious network down. It will not be our legacy. This is a warning to all in this industry.

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