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links for 2007-02-09

Knowing.NET – Service-Oriented Systems That Actually Do Something “I say that, six or seven years into the Web Services era, the onus is on the WS-* advocates to prove the need, because the advocates of KISS approaches have, I think, amply demonstrated the viability of their approaches.” (tags: rest soa webservices restvsoa restvsoap) IBM Submission… Read More »

links for 2007-02-07

The Zinquisition: More Riedel nonsense “After two years of research, comparative tastings, and evaluation of prototype glasses, Oregon winemakers and Georg Riedel have arrived at a new shape of wine glass designed especially for Oregon Pinot noir.” Insane! (tags: riedel wine pinotnoir)

links for 2007-02-06

Enterprise REST “I, of course, hope to be in the 3rd group – watching from the sidelines from my REST system and shaking my head at the mass delusions this industry is capable of.” (tags: rest webservices soa restvsoa restvsoap)

links for 2007-02-04

Sun: WS-Addressing the first way to specify SOAP endpoints. “Putting aside the fact that URLs have done this since before XMLRPC existed” Before XML existed even. (tags: rest web uri webservices soap)

links for 2007-02-03

Oren Sreebny’s Weblog: SOA Workshop with the Burton Group’s Pete Lacey See Pete, some of them can hear you. 8-) (tags: rest soa webservices petelacey restvsoa restvsoap) Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects Become an Enterprisey Architect today! (tags: enterprisey opengroup itac togaf aogea) Mungowit’s End: URLS gone Wild! I’d heard of some of these… Read More »

links for 2007-02-02

LinkedIn: Answers: Home Grr, no RSS/Atom feed?!?! (tags: linkedin rss atom) Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Three orders of magnitude “At some point in the past rolling out an application to 300,000 people was the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Today it means you passed your second round of funding and can move out of your… Read More »

links for 2007-01-30

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | ETech 2007 APP Interop Testing “I will be going to ETech this year”. Me too. (tags: etech oreilly sandiego conference) All Things Distributed: Jim Gray Missing at Sea Oh my. Let’s hope this ends well. Best wishes to his family. (tags: jimgray microsoft)

links for 2007-01-26

Messages not Models: Web Service of the Future: Comment Spam “Guess what web technology, right now, most successfully uses microforms a.k.a. forms-driven web services” (tags: rest web forms) W3C Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing: Program … including my paper, yay! (tags: w3c webservices rest web)

links for 2007-01-25

1 Raindrop: Pragmatism in the house “The whole WS-* versus REST thing is beyond tedious. They are both supposed to be about interop not world dominance.”. I think the Web’s doing pretty well with both, actually 8-) (tags: rest web webservices) ZapThink :: Become a Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) I wonder if I’d pass? 8-)… Read More »