The “theory monster” rears its ugly head again. Clemens Vasters writes “Hence, the “I love HTTP” discussion (aka REST) is solely academic and of very little relevance for complex real-world designs now and even less moving forward — methinks.”. REST is the furthest thing from theory in existence; it is 100% practice. It is what you get when you closely study how the Web works today. In contrast, “Web services architecture” is almost entirely theory in the context in which it’s being used (the Internet). It, and its implicit resemblance to the OMA, has never been deployed at a scale even approaching the Web. Perhaps it’s worth repeating; The Web is a giant leap forward in distributed computing architectures. Ignore it at your peril.

For many years, people have talked about how normal ACID/2PC transaction semantics are unsuitable for use on the Internet. That is still the case. We need to rethink what a transaction is on the Web, and I can guarantee you that when we do, it will be implementable as an HTTP extension.


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