Sam and Mark, Disconnect #2

Sam Ruby responds, “Note: I’ve said nothing about behavior… only about syntax. Where is the disconnect?”. As long as no behaviour is requested, then there is absolutely no disconnect. Excellent!

I think we still have some terminology issues though. For example you said that WSDL is for specifying protocols. I don’t consider specifying the structure of expected content as a protocol. Protocols define contracts, and in this case, the contract is that if I POST something that you consider invalid – whether or not I’ve seen your WSDL (heh, that sounds rude 8-) – then you’ll tell me so with a 4xx response (e.g. 400 or 415). Does that make sense? So this boils WSDL down to how I always saw it being used in the long run; as HTML forms are used … that is, until RDF absorbs it. 8-)

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