More tail-chasing going on over at the W3C with the chartering of the Web Services Choreography WG. I’m really disappointed that Tim didn’t take this opportunity to speak his mind about the mistakes being made with Web services, especially considering that this working group exists to replace the hypermedia application model, which is pretty darned fundamental to Web architecture.

I guess he knows what he’s doing though. Perhaps he feels he can contain Web services, and prevent them from preventing him from leading the Web to its full potential. I did think that the initial move to accept them into the W3C was an excellent one, as there, they may actually be fixed enough to earn the right to call themselves Web services. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be officially assigned to the task to doing just that, though Hugo and David try to keep things in check, what most people know to be Web services (i.e. putting the method name in the SOAP envelope) is a fundamentally broken style for the Internet, which is a big issue for them to tackle, especially given the mostly neutral positions they’re expected to hold as team contacts (not officially, but in practice it’s hard for them to hold strong opinions). That’s why I’ve been doing it.


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