Here’s a telling statement for you, from a BEA press release;

Recognizing that every integration project requires development, and every development project requires integration

This is absolutely wrong; every integration project does not require development.

This afternoon I subscribed to (i.e. integrated into my existing aggregate feed) a few more weblogs, and did it without any new coding. This is because I already use some software which can snarf RSS feeds for me; I just had to identify the feeds for it.

Of course, if you assume, as BEA does, that each new service has a different interface than other services, then obviously new development is going to be required, just as if each RSS feed had its own interface. But that need not be the case, as I’ve demonstrated.

I know, I’m not being entirely fair; even if some new Web resource used the HTTP interface, but used a data format the client wasn’t familiar with, then more coding would need to be done. Which is why I’m so keen on RDF.


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