Monthly Archives: August 2003

Pretty much

Graham Glass; “Pretty much any piece of software can be exposed as a collection of services” Mark Baker; “Pretty much any piece of software can be exposed as a graph of resources”

Ask the expert; WebDAV and REST

I guess I didn’t mention that I’m now a SearchWebServices Expert ; the kind that you can ask questions of, along with smart folk such as Sean McGrath, Anne Thomas Manes, Doron Sherman, and Roman Stanek. The last question I was asked was; Does WebDAV violate the principles of REST? To which I answered, “No”,… Read More »

Zero install

The term “zero install” is commonly used to refer to the ability to deploy new applications without upgrading client software which has to deal with it. In an important sense, the entire World Wide Web project, including the Semantic Web, can be viewed as an attempt to bring this modus operandi to distributed computing in… Read More »

Steve Vinoski on REST

Ergh, I don’t know how I could have possibly missed this (get a blog, Steve!), but one of the distributed system people I most respect, Steve Vinoski, wrote a great article on REST and Web services (PDF) a year ago that should IMO, be mandatory reading for Web services folk. I have one (rhetorical) question… Read More »

Quickie addendum

As an after-thought to my last response to Doug, I thought I’d just say a quick word about “documents”, which Doug likes to talk about. A document is state (the S in REST). Look in any file folder (the kind in the filing cabinet), document storage system, archived tape, or heck, any file system, and… Read More »

Look past the browser

Doug responds, in reference to using URIs; This implies that the document is associated with (tightly coupled to) a fixed location as specified in the URI. Not at all. Are you aware that the machine that you’re grabbing my blog from relocated up the street five months ago? In the odd chance that you were,… Read More »

www-archive and Web pride

For those not familiar with it, the W3C’s www-archive public email archive is a great place to peruse some behind-the-scenes activities which are public, but not announced. It’s also home to a lot of Tim and Dan‘s discussions which are redirected from other mailing lists. Well worth following. While checking it out yesterday, I found… Read More »