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REST, Self-description, and XML

I gave a presentation tonight at the XML Users Group of Ottawa, titled REST, Self-description, and XML. Not unexpectedly, the slides don’t capture a lot of what was presented (and nothing of what was discussed), but there’s a story in there that should be easy to follow. It also has a surprise ending that caught… Read More »

Wiki defacing

That’s two in the past couple of weeks; the RESTwiki, and the ESW Wiki. If they didn’t hack into the machines and change the MoinMoin database, then these have to be the lamest defacers ever.


Tim Bray writes; When you’re explaining something to somebody and they don’t get it, that’s not their problem, it’s your problem. Well, sorta. Let’s test it out. Bob; Hey Jim Jim; Hey Bob Bob; Hey, your house is on fire! Jim; Eh? My what’s on what? Bob; I’m getting out of here! Best of luck… Read More »

Don Box on REST

A nice post from Don last weekend, addressing the “roach motel” (aka “application silo”) problem, and what Longhorn’s doing to help developers who want to avoid it. Some comments; Though I think their characterization of RPC is a bit naïve (NFS is a great counterexample of a broadly adopted RPC protocol), the argument in favor… Read More »

Explosions and strangleholds

Dave Orchard wrote, and Don Box concurred, that it’s a good thing to avoid registration at the likes of IANA and IETF. I also concur, as my hopefully-soon-to-be-BCP Internet Draft with Dan Connolly describes. Where I disagree with Dave and Don, is summed up by Dave; XML changes the landscape completely. Instead of having a… Read More »


I’m enjoying Tim Bray’s technology predictor success matrix series very much. It gave me an idea too. I hereby present the “Internet scale distributed system predictor success matrix, aka ISDSPSM. The predictor I’m going to use is “Uses a constrained interface”. That is, whether or not the interaction semantics between components are constrained in any… Read More »


WS-Eventing, from BEA, MS, and Tibco. The good news is that finally, we’ve got a Web services spec that tackles the hard problem, interfaces. Yes, WS-Eventing is an application protocol (do we have to bind SOAP to it too?) The bad news is that it continues the track record of abusing other application protocols (if… Read More »

XQuery on the Web

Dave Orchard wonders how XQuery might be put on the Web. My position seems to fly in the face of at least one part of Dave’s position; But clearly XQuery inputs are not going to be sent in URIs Why admit defeat so easily? Did the TAG not say, “Use GET … if the interaction… Read More »

This years predictions

When it comes to predictions, I like to put it on the line and make mine measurable. As published at SearchWebServices, my predictions this year are two; Web services will continue to struggle to be deployed on the Internet. I’ll restate an earlier prediction I made this year; that by the end of 2004, the… Read More »

Web services can’t shake RPC comparisons

Jon Udell responds to Stefano Mazzocchi’s comments on an earlier column of Jon’s. Stefano wrote; Marketing, protocol and syntax sugar aside, web services are RPC. to which Jon responds; I disagree. It’s true that Web services got off to a shaky start. At a conference a couple of years ago, a panel of experts solemnly… Read More »