Daily Archives: 2004/03/11

Steve Vinoski on Web services notifications

Steve’s next article for his “Towards Integration” column is titled “Web Services Notifications”. It’s the usual high quality stuff you can count on from Steve, but I’d like to respond a couple of comments made regarding my forte, Web architecture. Something tells me Steve probably anticipated this response. 8-) A URL specifies only a single… Read More »

Savas misunderstands

Savas writes; Mark Baker talks about the WSDL WG’s decision not to require the name of an operation in the body of a SOAP message Just to be clear, the issue wasn’t about placing the operation name anyplace in particular. It was just that I wanted a self-descriptive path to find it, no matter where… Read More »

Another RDF, media type, and self-description problem

I’ve talked about my nose for self-description problems before in the context of RDF and media types. Now, with the publication of -04 of the RDF/XML media type registration draft, there’s another one. Comment submitted. The best summation of the issue, as I wrote in the ensuing thread is probably; If somebody on the Web… Read More »