Joshua writes;

Mark Baker is asking for Orkut + I would actually rather see FOAF +, and better integration with the browser.

Ah, yes, definitely. But I’d also like a decent interface to the FOAF Web. So I what I really want is …

  • Orkut, Friendster, Linked-In etc.. to be value-added aggregators of FOAF (and other, e.g. bookmark) data
  • All of those, and others, to compete based on who presents the better interface to that data rather than who “owns” it

I’m not sure what kind of browser integration would be needed, beyond something generic like mod-pubsub. Certainly an RDF viewer. But in general I like to avoid application-specific (e.g. FOAF) functionality in the browser, because that doesn’t scale. But there are exceptions (which bookmarklets are perfect for). And perhaps there’s even a way to generalize what Joshua wants from browser integration, but I can’t say because he doesn’t describe what he has in mind.


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