Steve responds to my response to his article.

One of Mark’s comments was about my discussion around the difficulties of using URIs to represent some types of endpoints such as message queues. I don’t disagree with Mark that you could devise a way to do it, but it’s just that there’s no good standardized way to do it. I mean, if worse came to worst, you could use a URI with the stringified OMG interoperable object reference format (“IOR:” followed by any number of hex digits), especially given that a single IOR can simultaneously represent any number of endpoints, regardless of the complexity of any individual endpoint being represented. But I suspect most people would not want to take that approach.

But there is a standardized way, which I recommended; the http URI. You don’t need any more standardization than that, as an http URI provides sufficient information to enable anybody to grab data from it via GET (aka, it enables the late binding of the identifier to data).

FWIW, I agree that the URI-construction mechanism has its problems, and I try to avoid it when I can, especially where queues are created frequently. I just mentioned it as another option.


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