Congratulations to Tim on his new position at Sun.

In an interview he gave about the move, he said something interesting that I’d like to comment on. When asked whether he’d looked into peer-to-peer technologies, he said;

Only trivially. That has some roots of its thinking in the old Linda [parallel programming coordination language] technology that [David] Gelertner did years and years ago, which I thought was wonderful and which I was astounded never changed the world. But I have been working so hard on search and user interface and things like that for the last couple of years that I haven’t had time to go deep on JXTA.

Linda – or something very Linda-like – did change the world; the World Wide Web.

I’d really love to get Tim’s views on Web services. He’s said a handful of things on REST/SOAP, etc.. , almost all of which suggest that he totally gets the value of the Web (unsurprisingly). But he’s also said some things which have me wondering whether he appreciates the extent of the mistakes being made with Web services.

BTW, I wonder what’s going to happen on the TAG now that both Tim and Norm are at Sun, given that the W3C process document doesn’t allow two members from the same company? Either way, it will be a big loss to the TAG. Bumber.

Update; Tim resigns


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