Yes, it’s protocol independence theme month!

A gem of an exchange between the WSD and XMLP WGs.

It turns out that WSD wanted to be able to send a SOAP request via HTTP, but get the response back on some other channel. Fortunately, HTTP supports the 202 response code which permits the server to indicate exactly that. But unfortunately, the default SOAP 1.2 HTTP binding explicitly does not support 202. It actually used to, but the protocol-independence promoters had it removed because they feared, IIRC, that too much of HTTP was exposed to the application.

That made my week. 8-)

P.S. I hope to see lots of people out at XML 2004 next week. I drive down tomorrow. It’ll be my third road trip to D.C. in as many years; about 1000 kms each way, but a pleasure in my ride (though not as nice as a trip to Boston through Vermont and New Hampshire!). I’ll be announcing what I’ve been up to for the past little while too, with my latest client.


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