For those of you not at XML 2004 last week, my new client is Justsystem, a mid sized (800 employee) consumer and enterprise software company based in Japan with a long history of successful product development. I’m working there part time, for at least the next several months, assisting them in making a new Web based compound document technology of theirs – xfy (pronounced “ecks-fi”) – a success. At the conference we announced the immediate availability of a technology preview (downloadable at that link), and the planned productization of the technology by mid 2005.

Since I first started exploring CORBA and OpenDoc integration back in 1995 or so, the vision of compound documents as both a general user interface model, as well as a largely universal data extensibility solution, has never strayed too far from my thoughts, nor my work. So when I was approached by the company in September, and introduced to xfy, the decision to help them was a total no-brainer. They totally get it.


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